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About Bill

My name is Bill & I am a gamer who wants to help the gaming community make informed decisions about consoles, games & accessories.  I have my own gaming room in my house, where no one can bother me.  After all it’s part of my work.  My wife is very supportive of my gaming lifestyle.  I think it may be because it gives her so much time to herself to watch Grey’s anatomy or some other equally lame show.

I am constantly researching consoles, accessories & games.  I will be sharing all this news & all my wonderful reviews with all who visit my site.  My reviews will not only be informative but they will help you figure out what is right for you.  My main goal is to get as much information out to you to help you make informed decisions.  Trust me when I say it is always best to take the time to ensure that not only what you are buying is a great product but that it’s right for you.  This kind of research takes time & can be rather frustrating.  That’s what I’m here for.  My site is here to give you the info, reviews & if you want help you find the right consoles & accessories at the best price.  Please don’t ever hesitate to leave comments or questions.  I will respond.  Thanks for visiting my site & I hope to be your source for everything console related.  I am here to help & please don’t ever hesitate to leave me a question or comment.  I will always respond.

If you so desire you can read a little more about my background in detail below.

My gaming background

I have been gaming for almost 30 years & have considered my self a true gamer for over 20.  I have played through many console generations & have even dabbled with PC gaming a little bit.  I stick with consoles mainly because of the much lower cost & I’m just not a big fan of mouse & Keyboard.  Sure you can play with a controller but in a FPS online on PC, who has the advantage a skilled player with a controller or a skilled player with a mouse & keyboard?  I’ll give you a hint it’s not the skilled player with the controller.   I have spent countless hours playing FPS games, however I play a wide variety of games.  A few of my old school all time favorite video games are Mario Kart (Nintendo 64 version),  Golden Eye (Nintendo) 64 version) & Tony Hawk (original PlayStation).  I spend most of my free time gaming on the PS4 Pro however I have many friends who play on Xbox, so I spend a lot of time on my Xbox One S as well.  Here’s a little more detail below.

The first Console I every had, well actually it was my parents but they let me use it when I was a young child, was an Atari 1600.  I enjoyed playing Pitfall, Battle Tanks & Space Invaders.  When the original Nintendo came out I loved Duck hunt, Top Gun, blades of Steel, Contra & of course Mario Bros.  When super Nintendo came out I enjoyed playing Mario Kart, F zero & Street Fighter.  On Nintendo 64 it was Mario Kart all the way & of course the game that started my love affair with First person Shooters, Golden Eye.  Grenade Launchers in caverns anyone?  I’ll skip a little ahead to my PS3 days.  I will be honest 90% of my PS3 game time was spent online playing the Call of Duty games.  I loved Modern warfare & the second one as well, but my favorite by far was Modern Warfare 3.  It was just perfect for me.  I loved the MP7 in that game.  I loved the maps.  It was just great.  Call of Duty went downhill from there.  The Black Ops games were Ok but just not as good as the (I believe Black Ops one came out before Modern Warfare 3) But Advanced Warfare & the Newest one, Infinite warfare are garbage.  I started playing Destiny when I first got my PS4.  I played it from the time it came out until now.  I don’t spend as much time on it now, since there really isn’t much content out for Destiny right now.  Year one was really the only year they had enough content released.  I’m hoping that all changes when Destiny 2 comes out.  Now I mainly play Battlefield 1 & Titan fall 2.   I was never a big fan of the Battlefield games but given the current state of Call of Duty I can’t deal with it.  I switched to Battlefield 1, which I actually enjoy.  I know the remastered Modern Warfare is out too & I already got through 1 prestige & had to stop,  I logged way too many hours on the original, it was time for something else.  I also play Fortza from time to time.  I really enjoy racing games as well.  Of course there have been other games I have played through all these times.  Many, Many others.  I’m only listing the ones I spent the majority of my time on.

My background in reviews.

Aside from gaming I have a great passion for researching products.  You could even call it an obsession.  It all started in the early 2000’s .  I wanted to buy a new TV.  HD had only recently become more available on TV sets & I decided to buy a brand new HD TV.  I didn’t do any research but I knew what I wanted.  I thought the salesman will know what TV I should buy.  I was kind of an impulse buyer back then.  I bought a 48 inch JVC HD TV.  All I knew about it was it was big & the picture looked great in the stores show room.

The TV wouldn’t even turn on when I got it home.  The replacement TV lasted about a month before it had colors all across the screen.  The store reluctantly replaced it since it was just under a month old.  The 3rd one lasted about 6 months before it had the same green, red & blue lines across the screen.  I contacted the manufacturer & they sent a tech out to repair it.  I later found out it was a part that continued to fail & the company was just replacing the faulty part with the same defective part since they hadn’t manufactured a new part without the issue.  The TV had to be repaired a couple more times until the company finally manufacturer the part without the defect.  I ended up giving the TV away a couple years later.

When I purchased my next TV I knew I had to do my homework.  I had a really good friend who worked at an electronics store & really knew his stuff.  Per his suggestion, I ended up getting a  73″ Mitsubishi DLP TV.  Of course I also researched it & realized it had gotten great reviews & had no known defects before I made the purchase.  I still have that TV 9 years later.  I use it as a “downstairs TV”.  I have moved several times with that TV.  One move was over 1,000 miles with the TV in the back of a U HAUL.  Other than changing the bulb a couple times I’ve had no issues with it.  The picture at 1080p is still relatively good.  Not as good as my 4k TV I mainly use for gaming but it works as a good second set.  I almost sold it or gave it always a couple times but I’m really curious to see how long it will last.

The point of this story is getting a recommendation from a trusted educated, reliable source is 100% necessary when purchasing just about anything.  There are so many “lemons” or bad products out there, you have to know what your buying.

After that first lesson in making a major purchase, I knew I could never let that happen again.  After that I started researching all my purchases.  As the years went by my research slowly grew into an obsession with finding the lowest prices & making sure the product was right for me before I made a purchase.  It wasn’t long until friends & family started asking me advice on purchases.

Several years ago I decided start reviewing items & blogging about it online.  I loved doing it.  It was one of my true passions.  Then it hit me, I can start a website that combines both of my true passions.  Gaming & writing blog reviews.  So now I have a strictly Console gaming Website.  It’s very exciting for me to have an opportunity to focus solely on Console Gaming content.  I hope you enjoyed reading a little about me & my journey that got me here.  Please look around on my site.  If you’d like to leave me any suggestions on products to review, please leave them in the comments sections of any of my posts.

Again my name is Bill & thanks for reading about me.  Thank you for visiting my site & I hope to make Console Gaming Authority your go to website for all things console gaming related.