Call of Duty WWII Release Date

Call of Duty WWII Release Date

The Call of Duty franchise also makes a comeback this year. With the Call of duty WWII release date getting closer and closer, CoD fans cant wait to get their hands on the upcoming installment of their favorite shooter game franchise. This year, Call of Duty makes a “return to its roots” by going back to the WW2 setting. Keep reading to find out more about the upcoming Call of Duty game.

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call of duty wwII release date

Call of Duty WWII – Quick Summary

CoD WWII is the fourteenth installment in the Call of Duty series, a first person shooter game series published by Activision.

Call of Duty WWII release date: 3rd November 2017

Genre: first person shooter

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Price: $59.99

Note: Players who pre-order the game will also receive a multiplayer upgrade, including an XP boost. Furthermore, they will also receive Zombies Camo and Divisions Pack.

Duty Calls Yet Again

The Call of Duty franchise returns to its roots by placing its latest installment in World War II. The CoD franchise suffered some pretty negative feedback on its previous titles and it certainly seeks a return to its former glory. Since the fans didn’t like the futuristic setting of one of the latest installments: “Infinite Warfare”, they might like a more classic approach.

call of duty wwII release date

Much like previous titles, Call of Duty WWII features a unique single player campaign.The main campaign follows the story of 19-year old Red Daniels, fighting alongside his fellow squad mates of the 1st Infantry division. The story will follow Daniel and his squad across various historical locations from World War II.

The Gritty Realism of War

While the change of setting will certainly be a relief for many fans of the series, it is not the only change that comes with the upcoming CoD installment. Call of Duty WWII tries to add some realism to the franchise. Therefore, players won’t be super soldiers anymore, killing hundreds of enemies in their wake and regenerating wounds. This time, they’ll have to work with their squad in order to get things done.

The health regeneration system has been scrapped for good. In Call of Duty WWII, players must seek out the squad medic in order to heal themselves. The squad can help the player in many other ways, such as passing ammo or providing cover fire. With that being said, squad members can also get killed. Players will have to look after their fellow squad members, else they risk loosing vital features such as healing.

call of duty wwII release date

I think a lot of players will appreciate these changes. The classic super soldier who lays waste to entire divisions of enemy troops was getting pretty old. Shooter games should rely much more on teamwork, and Call of Duty certainly takes a step in the right direction. Since the graphics also look great, I think Call of Duty WWII will look amazing on both gaming consoles and PC

Call of Duty Multiplayer – Great again?

The multiplayer mod has really been the “meat” of the CoD games for a while now and it’s looking promising for the upcoming installment as well. The multiplayer mod of Call of Duty WWII will feature headquarters, divisions, war mode and many other things.

The headquarters are pretty much a dedicated social space where players can show off their various awards and prestige levels. Players can also watch eSports matches in the theatre area as well as practice their shooting in the firing range.

call of duty wwII release date

Call of Duty WWII also makes a lot of changes to the multiplayer mode. The class system and perks were scrapped. Instead of those, players get divisions.

Players may choose to play one of 5 divisions:

  • Infantry: the standard versatile soldiers
  • Airborne: stealthy soldiers who can use suppressors on certain weapons
  • Armored: soldiers with heavy firepower, including machine guns and rocket launchers
  • Mountain: long range combat soldiers with sniper rifles
  • Expeditionary: close quarters combat soldiers with shotguns and incendiary rounds

Players may unlock additional skills by progressing through the ranks of their respective division.

The zombies mod is also making a comeback in Call of Duty WWII. Just like in previous titles, the game features a four man co-op mode where players hold their ground against an increasingly difficult stream of nazi zombies.

To get a better grasp of what the game will be like, you may want to check out these Call of Duty videos:

Our Conclusion

While the CoD franchise has been in decline in recent years, Call of Duty WWII might just be the comeback they need to put the series back up where it belongs. With the upcoming changes to both single player and multiplayer, I feel like the Call of Duty series is back on the right path. We will know better when the Call of Duty WWII release date arrives and we can test the game ourselves.

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