Console Gaming Authority

Console Gaming Authority

Console Gaming Authority is where you get all the latest news & reviews on all Gaming Consoles & Accessories.  If your unsure on what new console to buy, I’m here to help.  I will give you in depth analysis on all the latest & greatest consoles & accessories.  I can even help you find the best prices on all the consoles & the great accessories that go along with these great consoles.  Please check back regularly as I will be constantly updating the site with the latest news & developments around the Gaming Console world & it is certainly an exciting time for console gamers.

My goal here is to always provide you with relevant news & reviews so that you can make educated informed decisions.  I never want to try to sell you on any one console, game or accessory.  I Strive to always help you find the right fit for you rather than just tell you what is the best & what you should buy.   The fact is it’s rarely that simple.  What’s right for some people may not be right for you, so please read my reviews carefully & consider all factors before you make decisions.

There are a ton of sites out there claiming to give you great info on gaming accessories & some do however the majority are just trying to sell you on a product.  They want you to buy it so you they can make money.  That will never be the case here.  Of course when I add links to sites & you click & buy I do get a commission.  I am certainly not trying to hide that.  I do have to earn a living.  The thing is though I never want you to buy something that isn’t right for you.

I want you to read my reviews take everything into account & then if you feel so inclined click the link & buy the product at the lowest price available from a trusted source. There may be cheaper prices out there from time to time however they are going to be from sources I don’the know or trust & I would never add a link to a source I don’t trust.

Cheaper isn’t always better.  You may end up finding a cheaper price somewhere for something but it ends up being a refurbished console.  Sometimes these sites dint even tell you it’s refurbished or it may be in such fine print you don’t catch it.  Trust me it’s out there. If this refurbished item ends up breaking a few months down the road & then you end up having to buy a new one, was it really cheaper?  I’ve been burnt before & it doesn’t feel good.  If you want to learn more about me & my experience please visit my about me page.  I learned my lesson, so now I try to pass that wisdom on to my users along with an easy way to buy items at a low price from a trusted source.

I spend a ton of time researching items online.  Researching items takes time & most people don’t have enough of it to do it properly.  I also work hard to find items at the lowest prices.  This would take you even more time to do proper research & find the lowest price from a trusted source.  I do all this hard work so you don’t have to.  You can just visit my site & get the info you need.  Rest assured you came to the right place for everything console gaming related.

I’ve been doing online reviews for a long time & I’ve seen it all.  I’ve always taken a different approach then most review websites.  I really do try to help people rather than cram things down their throat.  This is my first opportunity to have a review website that is strictly about my true passion. Console Gaming.  I am so privileged to finally be able to focus my time on writing reviews on something I enjoy so much.

I take great pride in everything I write here at Console Gaming Authority & I genuinely hope you enjoy reading it & use that knowledge to make great decisions on your console gaming needs.  I intend on building a large community here so please stick around & be a part of it.

I have always had a passion for gaming.  This site a way for me to share that passion with all the gamers around the world.  I want each & every person who visits my site to feel it is a great resource for everything console gaming related.  I strongly encourage all to leave comments & questions in the comment section of each post.  I will always answer.   If you ask any question I don’t know the answer to, I will do everything in my power to find the answer for you.