Destiny 2 beta release date

Destiny 2 beta release date – beta release date leak – Pre-order Destiny 2 for beta access 

There is some rather compelling evidence that the Destiny 2 beta release date will be on 7/17/17.  Although Bungie, the developer of the Destiny series has not officially announced the Destiny 2 beta release date as of yet, we have some really big clues.  If you watch the May 18th game play stream from Bungie, there’s a still image of the load out screen.  There you can see a score of 17177 and the other number just to the right of it is 98.  We know 9/8 is the actual game release date, 98 = 9/8.  So could 17177 be the beta release date backwards?  I’ll explain why I’m 100% convinced it is.

Update: So it looks like I was off by a day.  The Destiny 2 beta release date was announced at E3.  Below are the start dates.

PS4 Pre order: 7/18/17 10am PST – 7/23/17

Xbox pre order: 7/19/17 10am PST – 7/23/17

Open: 7/21/17 10am PST – 7/23/17

Destiny 2 beta release date

Destiny 2 beta release date

Here’s why I feel this is Bungie telling us the beta date.   As I said the number to the right of the score is 98 which happens to be the game’s actual release date of 9/8.  We’ve also established that 171777 backwards is 7/17/17.  This date just happens to be Bungie day and the date the original Destiny game beta was released back in 2014.  Also consider the fact that it is a date that makes sense.  It’s close enough to the launch date and early enough for them to find flaws and fix them.  This date is also right in between E3 and the Gamescom summer conferences.  Add all this up and it’s just too much evidence to ignore.  Only time will tell but I’d say it’s safe to take the day off work on 7/17/17. 

Even though I’m sure 7/17/17 is the beta release date, many of you might not be convinced.  Be sure to check this post later as I will be updating it once the Destiny 2 beta release date is confirmed.


New Destiny 2 information 

Bungie has given us a little more detail on the plot of Destiny 2 along with some information on the game play mechanics.  The biggest change from the original Destiny is there will be an in game match making system for end game content this time around.  Many fans were upset by the fact the original did not have match making for trials, nightfalls and raids.  Players were forced to use third party apps or websites to find additional players for these game modes.  The new guided games system as it’s called is a welcome addition to Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 beta release date

One of the other details recently confirmed are the the new subclasses.  Each class will have a new subclass with new abilities.  The new subclasses are Warlock’ s dawnblade, Hunter’s arcstrider and the Titan’ s  Sentinal.

In addition, another big change is the weapon slots.  Destiny 1 allowed you 1 primary, 1 special and 1 heavy.  Destiny 2’s weapon slots are called kinetic, energy and power.  It sounds like the weapon slots are a bit more flexible in the sequel.  From what I can tell you should be able to use more than one type of weapon as long as it’s not the same damage type.

One more change from the original is sure to make all Destiny fans happy.  You no longer need to go to orbit to change activities.  You can go to any of the games activities from where ever you happen to be playing.  This will save precious game time for everyone.


Pre-order Destiny 2 now for beta access

Pre order Destiny 2 now

In order to have guaranteed access to the Destiny 2 beta, you must pre-order the game.  I for one am too excited  about this game to miss out on the beta, so I pre-ordered it right away.  It’s still not too late.  I strongly urge you to Pre-order Destiny 2 now if you want beta access.

Click the link below to Pre-order Destiny 2 now


Destiny 2 beta release date summary

Bungie is staying true to it’s form by slowly releasing more and more details about Destiny 2 and of course they love giving us possible clues to the information we are desperately seeking.  First they confirmed there would be a beta, now that it’s going to be this summer with a possible hidden hint of the actual date.  Hopefully soon we will have a confirmed beta release date.

I was hoping it would be towards the beginning of this summer but I suppose mid summer is OK too.  Out of all the games set to be released this year, I’m most excited about Destiny 2.  The beta should help me get my Destiny fix until the full game comes out in September.   No matter when the actual date for the beta release is one thing is for sure, if you pre-order Destiny 2 now, you will get early access to the Beta.

Are you excited about the Destiny 2 beta release date?  Do you think the beta release date will be on 7/17/17?  Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.






10 thoughts on “Destiny 2 beta release date”

  • Cant wait for the second Destiny! Really enjoyed the first one so im excited to see what they do with the 2nd game, although i did enjoy the first one i found it a bit repetitive, do you think Bungie will be looking to win back a lot of the gamers who left Destiny in the first place with this beta?

    • Kyle, I do think Bungie will do a lot more to make this game seem less of a grind. A lot of the reason the first one felt so repetitive is becasue of lack of content. Activision has added 3 game developing studios to help Bungie with the content for Destiny 2. I really do think that’s not going to be a problem this time. thanks for leaving a comment.

  • Man I was waiting for Destiny 2 and I will definitely sign up for beta access.
    I actually don’t know anything about this release date stuff , but I am convinced that the date will be 7/17/17
    So I will wait for 7/17/17

    • As soon as I realized the first Destiny beta was released on 7/17/17, I instantly knew Bungie was giving us the date. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  • Intrique your review is full of intrigue regarding the release date and you appear to be quite knowledgeable about the hidden clues of game releases. I was immediately drawn in that you are and expert. Nice job. One little point is you write I feel and that is a phrase an expert does not use, I would replace it with I believe

    • I appreciate the tip but I’m not really worried about things like that. I have no interest in sounding like an expert. I’m just trying to write informative helpful posts.

      Yes it is quite intriguing. Bungie has always been big on leaving clues for the community. Destiny 2 seems to have a already gotten one of those clues. Thanks for leaving a comment Robert.

  • I love Destiny. It is one of my favorite games and I can’t wait to see what is in store for the new game. I hope there are some good changes. I think that Bungie sometimes likes to mess with us a little and offer incentives to get in early because it creates a little bit of hype before they release the game but I am totally hyped up now and really want to get this game. I can’t wait.

    • This little Easter egg Bungie may have left certainly got me more excited about Destiny 2. I’m trying to focus on getting my hands on the beta since that’s what we’ll get to play first. Of course of rather just get the full game but we have to take what we can get. I’m pretty hyped too. Thanks for leaving s comment.

  • I’m a game freak myself but haven’t played the first installment. Do you think If I jump directly into this one without prior knowledge of the lore and character history that it’ll spoil the experience for me?

    • It would certainly help to play the first one but you shouldn’t have to much trouble jumping rtight into Destiny 2. You could always just look up the Destiny story line on YouTube or somewhere else online. Either way you should be ok. Trus me if Destiny 2 is anything like the first one (which it will be but hopefully better), you won’t be disappointed. Check out the beta at the very least. Thanks for leaving a comment.

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