Farpoint Game Review

Farpoint Game Review

Farpoint is the first genuine first-person game for the PlayStation VR.  That is to say that the player controls the action with the controller.  Until now all the players movement in VR shooting games were controlled by the game while the player only controls the action.  Also this is the first game that uses Sony’s new Aim controller, offering a truly unique experience that is quite enjoyable.  Please read below for more details and my Farpoint Game Review.

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Starship Troopers meets Aliens

Farpoint game review

In Farpoint, you play as a space pilot that crash lands on a strange planet.  As you look for other survivors you will find a world filled with bugs, robots, space pirates, and giant spiders.  Most of the narrative is told through holograms that the player discovers and through recorded footage from their crashed spacecraft.  While this is good, it in no way will it change that way stories are told.  Farpoint does have excellent voice acting as well as above par facial animations.  While the main story is only around 5 hours, there is a coop mode and single player challenge maps.

Aim Controller

The new Sony Aim controller is unlike any of the previous attempts to use a gun-like controller.  This is the first gun accessory that actually works like the developers intended it to.  This means that when you look down the sights of the gun the on screen player does the same.  Because of this it makes the game experience even more intense.

Team up with a friend

Farpoint game review

There is a horde like multiplayer mode that is also included in the game.  Players can team up and defeat waves of enemies on several different maps, these are locations that you will see in the single player game.  In order to clear each location you will need to work with each other.  Even though the multiplayer is a horde mode, I still found it to be both challenging as well as intense fun.

Challenge friends or the world

There is a challenge mode also found in the game.  The main objective of this mode is to get the highest score.  This will be reflected on a leaderboard that everyone can view.  Players will get scored on kills, how long it takes to complete the level, and how accurate you are.  While this mode is challenging, I would have liked to see more co-op or even competitive multiplayer instead.

Farpoint Game Review

My rating: 7.0 out of 10

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

System: PlayStation VR

Price: $49.99 or 79.99 with the Aim Controller

Farpoint game review


Aim controller

Great voice acting and animation

Great production value


The DualShock controls are horrible

Linear story line and gameplay

Environment looks the same on every level

Farpoint Game Review Summary

Farpoint is a great game for the PSVR.  Although I wish the story was a little longer this game shows the potential for what First Person Shooters can do in VR.  Also the story path is very linear which means that you can only approach each situation from a set path.  The new Aim controller feels great in the game and is the best accessory to date for the PSVR.  Although this game isn’t perfect I thoroughly enjoyed playing the it and am now excited to see what comes next in the Playstation VR line up.

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Review Written by Chad Howell and Bill Sullivan

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