Xbox gold games March 2017 – Free Xbox one games

Free Xbox one games: Gold members games for March 2017

Microsoft gives free Xbox one games to Xbox gold membership each month.  All of these games are playable on both Xbox One and Xbox one S.  A couple of then can even be played on Xbox 360.  Head over to the Xbox store and download them for free.  If you don’t like them you can always delete them.

Below is the list of free Xbox one games for the month of March 2017.

Layers of fear

Free Xbox one games march 2017

Available for Xbox One 3/1-3/31

Price: Free this month; originally $19.99

Xbox store rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Layers of Fear is a Psychedelic horror game where you try to make sense of what’s going on in the mind of a mentally disturbed painter.  There are puzzles to solve as you uncover his hardships through notes and paintings.  You will see many Jump-scare moments throughout this game, which I find quite fun.  I would say it’s definitely worth the free download.  Please note this game is rated M for mature, for ages 17 and up.


Borderlands 2

Free Xbox one games march 2017

Available on: Xbox One and 360 (It’s an Xbox 360 game playable on Xbox one) 3/1-3/31

Price: Free this month; Originally  $19.99

Xbox store rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Borderlands 2 is a First person shooter loot game.  You make your way through a vast world with a robot guide fighting enemies and gaining stronger weapons as you move along.  I thoroughly enjoyed this game.  Too bad they aren’t giving away the Xbox One version although you can play the game on xbox one and Xbox one S the graphics aren’t as good as they are for the XBox One version.  It is free though, so I guess you can’t complain toof much.


Heavy weaponFree Xbox one games march 2017

Available on: Xbox One and Xbox 360 (It’s an Xbox 360 game playable on Xbox one) 3/16-3/31

Price: Free starting 3/16

Xbox store rating: 3.8 stars out of 5

Heavy weapon is a classic arcade style shooter.  It supports single player mission mode or you can play multi player with up to 4 people.  If you like 80’S style shooting games you will enjoy this one.  It brings back some memories for me.

Evolve ultimate edition

Free Xbox one games march 2017

Available on: Xbox One 3/16-4/15

Price: Free starting 3/16; Originally $49.99

Xbox Store rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

Evolve is a game where you hunt down beasts as different characters with different weapons and specialties or you can play as the beast being hunted.  I’ve never really been a big fan of this game although I could see it being fun if you play it with friends.  It could be worth checking out if you are looking for something to play since it’s free.

Project cars – will still be available for free until 3/15

Free Xbox one games march 2017

Available on: Xbox One 2/16-3/15

Price: Free until 3/15; Originally $29.99

Xbox store rating: 3.5 stars out of five

Let me know what you think about these games below in the comment section.






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