Get free PS4 games with PlayStation Plus

Get free PS4 games with PlayStation Plus- make the most of your membership

Not only does PlayStation Plus grant you access to play your favorite games online, it also rewards you with free PS4 games each month.  Every month these games change, so you will want to check back here each month to see which games PlayStation is offering for free.  I’ll give you a brief summary of each game and give you my rating on it.

Free ps4 games

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Free PlayStation plus games this month

Each month I will link my post for the free PlayStation plus games that month bellow.  Simply click on the link and you can discover the free PS4 games that month, along with my rating and summary.  To make it even easier I encourage you to save this post in your browsers favorites or to your home screen/desk top for easy access.

August 2017 free PlayStation Games

July 2017 free PlayStation Games

June 2017 free PlayStation Games

May 2017 free PlayStation Games

April 2017 free PlayStation Games

March 2017 free PlayStation Games

February 2017 free PlayStation Games

Why does PlayStation give you PS4 games for free?

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Basically as a bonus for being paying for the plus membership.  It can make it a little easier to accept that you have to pay to be able to play online if you are given free PS4 games as a bonus.  The games they give you aren’t going to be the latest, most popular titles.  Usually they will be indie games or games that have been around for a while.  There have been some pretty terrible games available as free PS4 games in the past however there have been many great games as well.  You can count on me to help you figure out the ones that are worth the download.

How long do you get to keep the free PS4 games


The bonus PlayStation plus games are yours as long as you have an active PlayStation Plus account.  If your membership is canceled for any reason you will no longer be able to play any of your plus games you downloaded.  If you plan on keeping all the free games you accumulate you are going to want to ensure you keep your membership active.


How much does PlayStation Plus cost

get free ps4 games with playstation plus

There are three different options to choose from.  You can pay $9.99 per month, $24.99 for 3 months or as low as $59.99  for 12 months.  The 3 month membership will save you $4.98 from the monthly cost and the yearly membership will save you a whopping $59.89 from the monthly cost.  It’s obvious if you have the cash to pay for a year upfront and plan on being a long term member it’s your best option, saving you almost half off the monthly cost.

There also a 14 day free plus trial free new members.  If you’ve never been a plus member I would certainly take advantage of it.

Why you should join PlayStation Plus

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In addition to the online play and free PS4 games, PlayStation Plus members get great discounts on a variety of games, addons and themes.  They also have access to some beta or free trial games from time to time.  The ability to play online games is not worth the cost on its own, unless you are constantly gaming online.  Honestly speaking I would still pay the fee even if all that was included was the online play.  I am a huge fan of online gaming so, I would most likely pay even more.  For those who only play online occasionally, the membership can still be a great value.  If you download the free PS4 games each month and take advantage of the discounts and other benefits, it will be more than worth the price to most people.

Buy PlayStation Plus code on Amazon

Sometimes you can buy a PlayStation Plus code on Amazon for much less than on the PlayStation network.  I have found a year membership for as low as $40.  That’s only $3.33 per month.   You will pay $9.99 per month for monthly or the year membership works out to $4.99 per month from PSN.  I usually start looking for my code a month or 2 before my current membership expires.  You don’t have to use them right away so you can buy them before you actually need to redeem them.  If I find a really good deal I will buy a couple at a time if possible.

Keep an eye on the PlayStation plus code black Friday deals.  Cyber Monday is also a good time to buy your PlayStation plus code on amazon.  Most likely you will have to buy them from third party sellers to get those great deals, so be sure to avoid the sellers that just started out or have low ratings.  You will be able to get your money back of its a scam but just avoid the hassle.  As a rule of thumb when buying anything on amazon, you should only buy from the highly rated amazon sellers who have been around a while.

Here’s a link to buy PlayStation Plus code from Amazon.  Click the link below to buy.

Are you a PlayStation Plus Member?  If so let me know how your thoughts on the membership.  Or if you are considering becoming a member feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.







4 thoughts on “Get free PS4 games with PlayStation Plus”

  • Now I realize the importance of PS4 for PlayStation plus. My son is always talking about keeping his updated, I didn’t realize that there are free games attached to it which would later become unattached if his account was canceled. Poor kid, it’s happened to him many times. I guess now I will attempt to keep it going all year long. Thanks for the eye-opening article.

    • There are a lot of things about PlayStation Plus that people don’t realize. It’s important to know how it works so you can get your money’s worth. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  • Great post, I am a gamer and having a playstation plus membership can be a little costly. The best thing about having a membership is that you get the advantages of discounts and free games. Thanks for sharing the free games of the month. Some people get confused about the membership. So this is very helpful.

    • You are correct that monthly membership adds up but if you buy the yearly membership and actually utilize all the benefits it becomes an exceptional value in my opinion. I appreciate the comment.

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