Get free Xbox One games with Xbox Gold

Get Free Xbox One games with Xbox Gold – How to get the most out of your Xbox Gold membership

Most have you have already heard of Xbox gold.  Some of you may already have an Xbox Gold membership.  The most obvious reason for joining Xbox Gold is to be able to play multiplayer games online.  There’s more to the membership than just being able to play online.  You also get free Xbox one games with Xbox gold.  These games change every month so be sure to check my site to find out the free Xbox One games with Xbox gold that month.  I’ll give you a summary of each game along with the user ratings and my verdict on if you should download it.

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Free Xbox Gold games this month

Below I will link my post for the free Xbox gold games that month.  Simply click the link and you will see the free Xbox gold games that month, along with my rating and summary.  If you’d like to make it easier you could save this post to your home screen/desktop or to your web browsers favorites.

August 2017 Free Xbox Games

Xbox Gold Free Games July 2017

June 2017 Gold free games

Xbox Gold free games May 2017

April 2017 Xbox Gold games

March 2017 Xbox Gold Games

February 2017 Xbox Gold Games

Why does Xbox give you Xbox One games for free?

Get free xbox one games with gold

It’s basically as a thank you for being a gold member.  Some may be more willing to pay to play online if they are given free games.  These games aren’t going to be the newest major release games.  Most of the time they are older titles or a new Indie game.  I’ve seen some pretty bad ones but I’ve also seen some pretty good games in the past.  I’ll help you decide which ones are worth downloading.

How long can you keep the free Xbox one games

Free Xbox one games are yours to keep as long as your Xbox Gold membership is active.  If you cancel your  membership for any reason you will no longer be able to play any of your downloaded Xbox Gold games.  So if you plan on keeping all your accumulated free games you will need to ensure you keep an active Gold membership.

How much does Xbox Gold cost

  • 1 month $9.99
  • 3 months $24.99 (works out to $8.33 per month)
  • 1 year $59.99 (works out to $5 per month)


Why should you join Xbox Gold

Get free xbox one games with gold

Not only are you able to play online and get free Xbox One games, Xbox Gold members get sweet discounts on a variety of themes, addons and games.  On occasion members also get access to free trial and beta games on.  In my opinion online play alone is not worth the cost on it’s on to most users.  Most people just don’t play online enough or don’t care enough about it to justify the price.  In order to add value to the Gold membership for those who only play online occasionally you must take advantage of the other benefits.  You will find that once you start downloading the better free games and taking advantage of the discounts the membership becomes more than worth the price.

Buy Xbox Gold code on Amazon

In order to get an even better value from your Xbox Gold membership, you will want to purchase the year membership.  Amazon is one of the best places to purchase an Xbox Gold membership.  I have found a year membership for as low as $45 on Amazon.   That works out to be $3.75 per month.  If you buy your membership from the Xbox store you would pay $9.99 for the monthly membership or $5 per month for the yearly.  You can see why it makes sense to buy your Xbox gold code on Amazon.

I recommend checking Amazon for Xbox Gold Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.  You can always buy more codes than you need.  They don’t expire, so you can use them when you need them.  If I find a fantastic deal I’ll usually buy quite a few of them.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments on how to get free Xbox one games with Gold in the comments section below.





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