Newest Xbox console – Why I think the Xbox One X is worth buying

Newest Xbox console – Why I think the Xbox One X is worth buying

Last year Microsoft announced the Xbox Scorpio.  Of course this was never the official name, only the code name for the project.  Naturally everyone had been calling it that since it’s the only name we had for it.  Well now we finally have the actual name.  This year at E3 they finally unveiled the newest Xbox console as the Xbox One X.   The real name of the console wasn’t the only thing they gave us.

Another piece of information everyone wanted was the price of this ultra powerful console.  You can get your hands on the Xbox One X for $499 starting on November 7th.   I’ll go over why I think it’s well worth the price along with some other interesting bits of info below.

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Newest Xbox console

Xbox One X Price –

Many people are saying that $499 is too expensive for a console who some have deemed (and correctly so) not a true next gen console.  It is fair to say it’s not a true next gen console, however in some ways this is a good thing.  All your Xbox one games and accessories will still work on it and you still get a more powerful and capable console.

If your worried about paying all that money and not having games that actually give you 4k HDR content, don’t.  The PS4 Pro taught us that game publishers want to use the consoles capabilities.  In fact for new games they basically have to in order to stay competitive.  The majority of players are looking for a great game to play with stunning visuals.  The publishers know players are far more likely to go with a similar game that is utilizing the added technology if they aren’t using it too.

In addition to new games making use of the added power and tech, there should be quite a few enhancement updates for current games as well.  Many games have been confirmed to get these enhancements and there will more than likely be many more to follow.

Newest Xbox console

Why I believe the Xbox One X is worth buying

When I Consider all the facts about the Xbox One X, I consider the price tag more than worth it.  To make it a little easier to see my logic, I’m going to highlight some of the reasons I feel the Xbox One X is worth buying below.

  • Most powerful console ever
  • Native (true) 4k HDR gaming
  • 4k Ultra HD blu ray player and streaming
  • Will be plenty of 4k HDR games
  • VR ready
  • Compatible with Xbox One games and accessories
  • liquid/vapor cooling*
  • Smallest Xbox console

These are just some of the reasons the Xbox One X is more than worth the price to me.

Before I go any further I’d like to explain a little more about the cooling on the Xbox One X.  It is a liquid cooling method, however it’s not a traditional liquid cooling method.  It’s more of a vapor cooling, which is less expensive and not quite as good.  I believe Microsoft is being a little misleading about this, which I am not very happy about.

Regardless of this technicality, the cooling method utilized on the Xbox One X is far superior to any other console.  It should be more than adequate to help keep your console performing at it’s best for year’s to come.  This is a huge bonus to me no matter how misleading Microsoft is being about their cooling methods on the newest Xbox Console.

Should you buy the Xbox One X

Just to be clear I am no Xbox fanboy.  In fact I have  always favored PlayStation.  I love my PS4 Pro, however when it first came out I was unsure if it was worth buying.  Of course I bought it so I could review it and I really liked it.  Once there were more pro enhanced games available I realized it was more than worth the price to me.

I love feeling immersed in games.  Gaming in 4k HDR on the big screen is very immersive.  The vivid detail and life like colors make it feel more real.  Considering the extra power of the Xbox One X, it should be an even better experience.  With better frame rates, load times and Native 4k rather than checkerboard.

The reason I’m comparing the Xbox One X to the PS4 Pro is because they are both not true next gen consoles and both support 4k HDR gaming.  Owning the PS4 Pro (and loving it) has made me that much more excited for the newest Xbox console.  In order to decide if you should invest the money in the new Xbox One X, you need to decide if the features it has are important to you.  Do you care about, performance, better visuals?  Do you want or need an Ultra HD Blu ray player?

Xbox one x price

Newest Xbox console Summary

Although I and many others have made a ton of assumptions about the Xbox One X, one thing is certain.  It will be the most powerful gaming console ever made.  I for one can’t wait to own one and I’m sure many of you feel the same.

If you are unsure how you feel, I strongly urge you to play a 4k HDR game on a big screen 4k HDR TV and experience it for yourself.  For the full effect try to play Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4 Pro.  It’s the perfect game to show off 4k HDR gaming.  Go to a friend’s house or try it at a store.  That should give you a better idea if the Xbox One X is worth buying to you.

To get the most from the newest Xbox Console, it’s best to use a 4k HDR TV with the features you need for gaming.  If you only have a 1080p TV you will still see a dramatic improvement in performance and some graphic enhancements in select games however it will not be as good as it would with the right 4k HDR gaming TV.

Pre Order the Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is still not available for pre order at the time this article was written.  You should however be able to pre order the Xbox One X very soon.  The link below is the official Amazon link to pre order the Xbox One X.  I highly recommend checking this back with this post daily as it is expected to sell out rather quickly once it goes on sale.  I will update this post the moment pre order has started.

Please let me know how you feel about the Xbox One X Price.  Are you excited about the newest Xbox console? Do you think the Xbox one X is worth buying?  Leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts.








2 thoughts on “Newest Xbox console – Why I think the Xbox One X is worth buying”

  • I’ve been considering picking up a new console the past few months, but I’m actually (as sad as it sounds) still on an Xbox 360. I know you mention Xbox One stuff will be fully compatible, but do you have any info on items from the 360 and whether or not those will be compatible with the One X?

    I ask because when I bought a PS3 years ago it was useless for my PS2 games because at some point they switched out the compatibility chip to save money on production. Ugh, that really ticked me off.

    • Hey, Craig. If you’ve been considering buying a new console the Xbox One X is probabky the Console to buy. Obviously it depends on your preference but it will be the most up to date console. Unfortunately you will have to wait a little while though.

      Yes all the Xbox One accessories will work on the newsest Xbox console. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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