The Evil Within 2 Review

The Evil Within 2 Review

With the horror game genre being rather stale in the past several years, innovation come slowly, if at all. The Evil Within 2 tries to break the boundaries a bit and mix the good old dark claustrophobic corridors with an open world setting. While these two concepts usually don’t do well when put together, The Evil Within 2 does a good job at keeping the player tense and engaged. Certain parts will really keep you on the edge of your chair. Keep reading to find out if this horror game is worth a venture.

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A Phantasmal World

Evil Within 2 continues the plot from its prequel. It features the same protagonist, namely Sebastian Castellanos, who is now following a lead from Kidman with the hope of finding his daughter. Our protagonist enters a nightmarish town simulation once again, known as Union.

The Evil Within 2

The game opens up with a classical approach: dark haunted corridors with your usual jump scares and disturbing visions.  Soon after they get through these creepy corridors, players will experience the open world aspect of the game, namely the open world hubs. In these dark suburbs, players may roam freely and explore the peculiar zombie-infested world set before them.

Chilling Atmosphere

The Evil Within 2 features a strange mix of game concepts. It takes players through a seemingly endless house of horrors and then drops them in an open world where they’re free to go wherever they please. Fortunately, both setting are well done and the creepy atmosphere is consistent throughout the game.

Exploring the world is certainly rewarding in Evil Within 2. It’s actually vital. Players must find stuff like Green gel in order to upgrade Sebastian’s stats as well as gunpowder and weapon parts in order to craft weapons and ammunition.

The Evil Within 2

And the world isn’t just creepy, it’s also dangerous. If Sebastians gets caught by a monster early on there’s a good chance he’ll die unless he has some proper equipment. Much like its prequel, Evil Within 2 features some pretty resilient enemies that will relentlessly chase the protagonist and never hesitate to kill him.

The Evil Within 2 lets players decide how they wish to deal with enemies. They may take the stealth approach, which works much better in Evil Within 2 due to the open world and improved stealth system. Of course, the good old “shoot them ’till they’re dead” is also a very solid option. Having several options on how to deal with enemy encounters is always a plus for these type of games.

A Worthy Successor

Evil Within 2 is definitely a worthy sequel to the series. To be honest, it’s really the better game if you compare it to its prequel. The game doesn’t just bring gameplay improvements but performance-wise as well. It’s well known that Evil Within had performance issues on all platforms. Fortunately, its sequel performs much better, especially on the PS4.

The Evil Within 2

Of course, Evil Within 2 also brings much more in terms of aesthetics as well. The world looks really nice and the lighting is particularly well done. It’s beautiful but in the same time it helps to build the eerie atmosphere found throughout the game.

The combat is not innovative in any way but it is enjoyable, and quite graphic. Blowing off a zombie’s head with that perfectly aligned headshot as it was just about to get in melee range of your character is pretty enjoyable. But most importantly, the combat is challenging, and constantly scavenging for resources can prove to be quite difficult, if not tedious.

Check out this trailer to get a better impression of the game:

Our Conclusion

The Evil Within 2 is a very interesting survival horror game and it’s an overall improvement over its prequel. The game offers a nice blend of classic horror game concepts and a more modern, open-world approach. The creepy atmosphere is consistent and the story is peculiar, but intriguing. The combat is enjoyable and challenging. With all these things considered, I think Evil Within 2 is certainly worth a try.

My rating: 8.5 out of 10

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

System: Xbox One, PS4 and Windows

Price: $57.00 (subject to change)


  • Beautiful and eerie open world
  • Peculiar but engaging story
  • Enjoyable combat with a good degree of difficulty


  • Scavenging for resources can prove to be tedious

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